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Okay, barring me turning into a mess and sobbing and cursing Tao’s name for even touching Upa

Upa is honestly the most courageous little guy. He just isn’t strong yet. Or ever, he may never want to be powerful, and that’s fine. But to me, he’s the human equivalent of Goku

The first time he met Tao, after he’d murdered his father and tried to kill Goku, Upa was scared, sad, angry, just a mix of emotions. But despite knowing that Tao isn’t someone a little kid could beat, he still tried. He threw a rock at Tao, and it didn’t do anything, but Upa still tried. Upa was completely courageous and brave, and willing to push through his fears of what Tao was capable of.

And he’s doing the same thing now. He threw his little hatchet, Tao dodged it like it was a fly. Upa still doesn’t care, because he’d rather die trying to avenge his father than be a coward living in guilt

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